Mitch Malloy...Still Making Noise

 Mitch Malloy may be the front man for the iconic rock band Great White, but that hasn't stopped him from making his own brand of noise...his last solo album,  MAKING NOISE, was released in 2016.  This marked the first time Malloy had undertaken an album solely by himself from start to finish – songwriting, producing, instruments, mixing and mastering.   “I have always brought in a few musicians or songwriters to work with me on projects in the past and have really enjoyed what they brought to the table.  But this time, I was in a different place and really needed to work through everything musically by myself…thus, My Therapy!” said Malloy tongue-in-cheek about the first single, with video, aptly called My Therapy. 

Mitch is no stranger to the studio and has worked with a variety of artists, labels and brands from Taylor Swift, Boys Like Girls, Kenny Loggins,  Johnny Gates, Craig Morgan and Sony Music NY to singer/songwriters Victoria Show, Gary Burr and Billy Falcon and even voice over work for Outdoor Channel, Field & Stream and many more.

Mitch is also an award-winning songwriter and has spent many years writing songs with a variety of legendary songwriters like Richard Lee, Mike Reid, Jim Weatherly, Dennis Morgan, Victoria Shaw and Gray Burr.  He has been signed to Warner Chappell and Chrysalis Music and later launched his own publishing company to control his copyrights.  Mitch loves the craft of songwriting...telling a story and resonating with his audience.  "Songs are so's amazing just how much a song can impact a person's life," says Malloy.

Mitch’s tenure as an artist has spanned several decades beginning as a regular on the New York music scene in the 80s.  Mitch soon garnered a major recording deal with RCA/BMG Worldwide and achieved success on the pop and rock charts, landed a coveted spot on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and has toured globally.  Mitch's voice has been highly sought after as a front man for legendary acts as well as a guest vocalist on other artists' projects.  In the mid-90s Mitch was asked to replace Sammy Hagar as lead singer for Van Halen but after spending time and recording with the band he declined.  “When the band appeared on the MTV Music Awards with Dave [David Lee Roth], the fans expected his return -- I expected his return.  I felt as cool as the opportunity was, it just wasn’t the right time,” said Malloy.  

But for Mitch, there is no better time than now!

Currently Mitch is touring with Great White and performing solo shows when not touring with Great White.  When Mitch is off the road, he's busy writing songs and working in the studio creating new music and videos. 

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